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Laser Clinics Cambridge and Peterborough

"The deep creases around my mouth have gone and I feel much happier." F.H. - Baldock.

BodyLaser Clinics Cambridge & Peterborough




BodyLaser Clinic Testimonials




"BodyLaser Clinic is very professional. I am extremely happy with the laser results - made a dramatic improvement to my confidence." J.T. - Peterborough.


"The staff have made me feel comfortable and through that and the treatment I have gained so much confidence. Thank you BodyLaser" L.W. - Cambridge.


"My transgender friends told me about your hair removal. I am glad I had the treatment." J.H. Cambridge.


"The level of service is excellent, which is very refreshing to see." V.C. - Huntingdon.


"I have been so pleased with everything that all I can say is a huge Thank You to the nurses for giving me my confidence back." C.M. - St. Neots.


"Laser hair removal treatment was money well spent and I will tell my friends and family about it." A.N. - Stamford, Lincs.


"The results are excellent - so happy I've got such great laser hair removal near me." S.L. - Peterborough.




“I am very pleased with my Botox treatment at BodyLaser Clinic. I used to have Botox in London but since I moved to the area I find your service is very good.” H.J. - Saffron Walden, Essex.


“My underarm sweating has stopped since you did the Botox treatment. It is such a pleasure to be able to wear whatever I like now.” A.L. - Cambridge.




“I am delighted with how my lips look now after your lip filler treatment.”. C.L. - Royston, Herts.


“Juvederm has made such a big improvement to my face - I think I look five years younger and my family all agree.”. M.T. - Cambridge.


“Thank you for advising me to have Restylane treatment. The deep creases around my mouth have gone and I feel much happier.” C.J. - Spalding, Lincs.




“Sculptra has made my face look so much better now. I had started to look very gaunt before.” T.J. - London.




“My enlarged pores have shrunk and my skin looks really good now.” A.G. - Haverhill, Suffolk.


“Laser Genesis treatment was really comfortable and effective for me.” B.H. - Royston, Herts.


“I have now had three rejuvenation treatments and I’m very happy that my skin is looking younger.” E.L. - Cambridge.




"The treatment worked and the staff were very nice." H.Y. - Oakham, Rutland.


"Thanks for doing such a nice job with the Titan laser. I will come back for another treatment next year." T.J. - London.




"The treatment has greatly reduced the redness on my nose and cheeks. I saw results the same day" G.L. - Newmarket, Suffolk.




"When I saw that you also treated veins I made my husband have the veins on his nose treated. I must say you have done a great job with him and he looks so much better now without those unsightly veins." M.L. - Peterborough.




"I'm completely thrilled with the results. I'm not really a mini-skirt type of girl but I'll certainly be showing off my legs this Summer." S.T. - Cambridge.


"I had a few prominent veins on my lower legs that really bothered me and with the laser treatment they have now completely disappeared. I have some veins on my thigh to be treated next." C.M. - Stamford, Lincs.




“The laser treatment really worked well on my brown spots.” D.V. - Ely, Cambs.


“All those pigmentation marks I had on my skin have now all gone and I am delighted.” J.F. - Peterborough.




“Thanks for zapping the acne. I really wanted something done about it. Now I think one more treatment should be enough.” J.D. - Cambridge.


“My acne flares up occasionally and sometimes it gets really bad. I did not want to be on medication so this was a good solution.” R.D. - Cambridge.




“I have had acne scarring for so long that I really wanted something radical done about it. This treatment made a big improvement to my face.“ K.M. - Whittlesey, Cambs.


“After three Dermaroller treatments I am looking so much better than before.” N.C. - Cambridge.




“The treatments on the backs of my hands have worked well. I am very pleased with the outcome” R.H. - London.




“Thanks to everybody for your good service. I will be very happy to have microdermabrasion again.” F.M. - Cambridge.


“I always like to have the microdermabrasion treatment because it keeps my skin in good shape.” C.J. - Peterborough.




“I am so pleased to be rid of that problem. My new nails have grown back without any nail fungus.” P.E. - Cambridge



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