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We have seen impressive results with Kelo-Cote UV scar treatment

BodyLaser Clinics Cambridge and Peterborough


Treatment for Scars and Burns Kelo-Cote UV Silicon Gel

Kelo-Cote UV Silicone gel has been specifically developed to treat scars and burns. This specially formulated silicone gel forms a breathable waterproof membrane that acts like a second skin to protect and heal. The picture above shows a BodyLaser Clinic patient before and after treatment with Kelo-Cote UV silicone gel. Sandra had a steam burn 12 days before treatment with Kelo-Cote UV. After 3 weeks of using Kelo-Cote UV silicone gel she showed dramatic improvement and of course she is extremely happy!


Kelo-Cote UV Silicone Gel's unique formula was developed to improve the appearance of scars and to prevent excessive scar formation. It helps to soften, flatten, smooth and improve the scar. In a Daily Mail survey of scar treatments Kelo-Cote was rated the highest at 9/10.


Built-in Sun Protection - As the name suggests, Kelo-Cote UV Silicone Gel provides strong protection from the Sun's harmful UV rays. It is the only water resistant 100% silicone gel with SPF30 UV protection.


Kelo-Cote Success - Video




NEW PRODUCT - Kelo-stretch™ For Stretch Marks Kelo-stretch™ has a unique dual formula to help prevent and reduce stretch marks. Gently massage into the skin twice a day during pregnancy for prevention and twice a day for 3 months to reduce existing stretch marks.


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