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Acne and Acne Scar Treatment Options

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Acne Treatment Cambridge and Peterborough

Approximately 90% of adolescents and 25% of adults experience Acne at some time. It is a common skin condition treated at our Cambridge and Peterborough clinics. Acne is caused by inflammation of the oil-producing sebaceous glands. The technology for Acne and pimple treatment has advanced in recent years. Treating acne, blemishes and teenage spots with specific types of Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can deliver excellent results, especially on inflammatory acne, and without the side effects of topical and oral acne medications.


Acne treatment with Red & Blue Pulsed Light. At BodyLaser Clinics we use unique Acne-specific technology. The blue light component kills the acne bacteria and the red light reduces inflammation through shrinkage of the inflamed sebaceous glands. No anaesthetic is required, the treatment is well tolerated and feels just like a minor pinprick sensation. A course of treatment is normally needed. The number of treatments will depend on the extent and severity of the Acne outbreak. You are invited to book a free consultation to learn more about our Acne treatments and to have your questions answered.


The benefits of this treatment are clearer skin with no downtime. Red Blue IPL Acne Therapy can reduce or eliminate the need for topical and oral acne medications.


Acne before treatment

Acne before treatment

3 weeks after laser treatment

3 weeks after treatment


Acne can lead to the formation of Acne Scars - For Acne Scar treatment we often use a combination of therapies. Microdermabrasion treatment, skin peels and the skin Microneedling Dermaroller therapy have proved very successful treatment options for breaking up acne scars and promoting smoother skin. We also use the unique Laser Genesis Skin Therapy and IPL Skin Rejuvenation to promote new collagen in the skin.


Rosacea treatment - BodyLaser Clinics also offer treatments for Rosacea. Please see our Rosacea treatment information here.


BodyLaser Clinics was founded in 2004 and so we are highly experienced. Our clinics are conveniently situated in city centre locations in Cambridge and Peterborough - train and bus stations are within walking distance.


Our clients come from all over the South East of England and the Midlands. Our Cambridge clinic provides Acne and Acne Scar treatment for Royston, Baldock, St. Neots, Ely, Newmarket, Cambourne, Bedford, Sawston, Haverhill, Bury St. Edmunds, Bishop's Stortford and Stevenage. Our Peterborough laser clinic provides Acne treatment for Spalding, Stamford, Wisbech, King's Lynn, Boston, Grantham, Oundle, Kettering, Corby and Oakham, Rutland.


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