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Rejuvenate Your Hands

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Rejuvenation for hands - smooth beautiful younger looking hands 

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Rejuvenation Treatment - For Beautiful Hands


Skin rejuvenation therapy is not just for the face and neck. Due to sun damage, constant washing and progressive volume loss the backs of our hands can take quite a lot of punishment over the years. As a result veins appear more prominent, skin becomes wrinkled and may also have skin pigmentation - Liver Spots and Freckles - as a result of sun exposure.


But if you are worried about the appearance of your hands help is available. BodyLaser Clinics have a range of rejuvenation treatments to turn back the clock and give you smooth firm beautiful hands again. Depending on your individual needs we can tailor a treatment programme that is specific for you.



                           Before hand rejuvenation treatments   After hand rejuvenation treatments


Treatment options may include using IPL to remove skin pigmentation and freckles. We use Laser or IPL photorejuvenation to promote new collagen and diminish wrinkles. And we sometimes recommend a demal filler such as Juvederm Hydrate to restore lost volume and improve the appearance of veiny hands. You are welcome to book a free consultation to discuss if hand rejuvenation treatment is right for you.


Not just for hands - Treatments for the face and decolletage area are also available at our Cambridge and Peterborough clinics. For further information please see Face and decolletage treatments.


We have two Laser treatment clinics in Cambridgeshire - both clinics have Laser and IPL treatment options. Our Cambridge clinic is at Essex House, 71 Regent Street, near to Parker's Piece and the University colleges. Our BodyLaser Peterborough clinic is close to the city centre at 60 Broadway, along from the Peterborough Central Library. The clinics are ideally located - close to the main shopping districts of Cambridge and Peterborough and within walking distance of bus and train stations.


BodyLaser Clinic was established in 2004. Our customers come from all over East Anglia and beyond. Our Cambridge clinic provides rejuvenation treatment for hands to clients in Newmarket, St. Neots, Ely, Royston, Cambourne and Bury St. Edmunds as well as Essex and London. Our Peterborough clinic is nearer for clients in Stamford, Spalding, Wisbech, Kettering, Oundle, Oakham, Bourne, Downham Market and King's Lynn.


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